Reflectorless Totalstation
Reliable Technology

The Horizon H90K Total Station is the latest innovation from HORIZON, designed to deliver precise and accurate measurements on every project.
With an upgraded reflector less range of 1200m and a new, high-performance EDM unit, this total station is one of the most powerful and versatile on the market. Whether you're a surveyor, engineer, or construction professional, the Horizon H90K offers the precision and performance you need to get the job done.

Key features:

  • New Reflectorless measurement range of 1200m
  • 1"/2"/5" Angle Accuracy
  • Automatic temperature and pressure sensors
  • Dual axis compensation
  • Dual Large color screen
  • High-precision IMU
  • expport data by Bluetooth(TM),USB ,memory card, cable
  • New robust body material

Long Range Laser

New EDM Technology

The Horizon H90K Total Station is a powerful and precise instrument, equipped with high-performance laser ranging system to measure up to 1200m, and with its fast and reliable EDM technology, it can take quick and accurate measurements in under 1 second, making it a highly efficient tool for professionals.

Triple Prism:5000m

Single Prism:300m


Easy Export Data

The Horizon H90K Total Station is equipped with a variety of data export options, including Bluetooth, USB flash drive, and Mini USB/RS232 cable.

This makes it easy to transfer data to smartphones, archive it, or transfer it to a PC. These features make it an ideal tool for surveyors, engineers, and construction            professionals who demand accuracy and efficiency in their work.

User friendly Software

The new software of Horizon H90K Total Station offers a wide range of possibilities for surveying. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it simple to set up your station, perform measurements, and process data. The software features include graphical point and line plotting, stakeout point and road function, complete COGO menu, and travers option, allowing you to perform your work more efficiently and effectively.  


The H90K series total station has been newly upgraded. 

The H90K Total Station has been newly upgraded with a large color touch screen and expanded internal memory for more on-board programs. It features a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation for ease of use. 

The reflector less measuring range has been increased to 1200m and the EDM unit upgraded for better range, quicker measurements and greater precision. This total station provides the best in precision and performance for surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals. 

High Accuracy & Long-Range Laser

Horizon H90K Total Station offers high accuracy and long-range measurements up to 1200m. It's a reliable and      advanced instrument for surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals.

Angle Accuracy

Horizon H90K Total Station boasts 1"/2"/5" angle accuracy, thanks to its dual compensator and absolute encoding technologies.

Trigger Key

The trigger key on the Horizon H90K Total Station allows for faster data collection and measurement, making it an ideal tool for projects such as topography.

Dual large screen Keyboard

The Horizon H90K Total Station features a dual color touch screen with sun-readable technology for improved visibility and efficiency, and a detect-side usable keyboard for added    convenience and power-saving.

ATMO Sensor

The auto sensor for temperature and air pressure detects the ambient temperature and pressure, calculates the PPM value, and adjusts the distance measurement results in real-time for    optimal accuracy.

Connectivity and Export data

The H90K device offers five different options for   exporting data, including Bluetooth, USB, SD card, RS232, and mini-USB port, providing versatility and convenience in sending the collected data to your team or desired recipient.

Extraordinary Graphical

Station Setup:

Known Point
Point To Line
Measure STN H
Bs CheckGyro Seeking



Pt Stake out
Ang & Dist SO
Alignment SO
Reference elev SO
Reference Line


Area & Perimeter
PT-L Inverse
2 PT Intersect
4 PT Intersect

Unit Switch
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