One man USV Operating System

 TRITON H1 is a small-size USV designed with portability and travel in mind. At only 30 inches long, it and its optional transport case can be checked as baggage on the airlines with no extra fees. Despite its small size, it features a 5 hour operating duration and can perform professional level cm-level bathymetry using the included dual band GNSS. 

Key features:

  • One Man System Hydrography Boat
  • Supports Full GNSS RTK
  • Supports 4g/LTE and N-trip network
  • Equipped to Obstacle Avoidance
  • Equipped to camera
  • Long range Lan telemetry
  • Equipped professional echosounder
  • Measures UP to 200m for bathymetry
  • Long operation duration of up to 5 hours

One man Operation 

The Triton H1 is a compact USV that has been specifically designed for ease of portability and travel. It measures only 30 inches in length, and comes with an optional transport case that can be checked in as airline baggage without incurring any additional fees. Additionally, its design enables one person to operate it entirely on their own.

Autopilot Navigation

TRITON H1 have a standard autopilot with GPS navigation and live telemetry that reduces monotony. It has a GNSS system and interfaces with the RTK system for greater accuracy. TRITON H1 provides unmatched navigational accuracy when it has a fixed solution.

Process Software 

The TRITON H1 have a standard out put and you can use Hydromagic software, Hydromagic is a professional hydrographic survey package, which can be used to map depth areas using an echo sounder and GNSS can process silting and everything With TRITON and Hydromagic software.

The TRITON H1 is equipped with a full GPS autopilot, as well as Multi GNSS RTK/PPK and a single or dual-frequency echosounder. The integrated Windows 10 Pro PC communicates via a bridged LAN for remote desktop and autopilot control. TRITON H1 equipped to every things for working in best condition like obstacle avoidance and camera, you can check the position and condition of boat online with you ground control system.

High performance Echosounder

The Seasound100 is a versatile payload that offers both a fixed 200kHz high frequency and a user-selectable low frequency, with several options ranging from 10kHz to 30kHz. This wide range of frequencies ensures that the system can be customized to suit a wide range of applications and environments. In addition to its frequency capabilities, the Seasound100 is also unique in its ability to reliably operate in water as shallow as 1 foot. The system's narrow beamwidth on both high and low frequencies (measuring 5 and 3.5 degrees respectively) also ensures accurate data collection in various environments, with minimal need for post-processing. Overall, the Seasound100 is a top-performing payload that offers excellent frequency capabilities and reliable performance in shallow and deep water environments.

Navigation Software

TRITON H1 Equipped an autopilot with GPS navigation and live telemetry as standard equipment. you can design your mission on google map and upload on software or you can design in a filed.

The autopilot greatly reduces the monotony of creating straight transects. The Autopilot and TRITON H1 are equipped with a navigational GNSS system; however, if purchased with an HORIZON RTK GNSS, the autopilot will be interfaced with the RTK system and will automatically choose the more accurate source for navigation. When the TRITON H1 has a fixed solution, navigational accuracy is unmatched.

Long-Range Bridged LAN Data Link

The TRITON H1 USV is a highly advanced tool for Hydrography and bathymetry. One of its key features is the long-range bridged LAN data link, which allows for seamless communication between the boat and the shore.

Operators can remotely access all the equipment onboard the boat using the TCP/IP link provided by the long-range bridged LAN data link. This enables them to use Remote Desktop to upload new missions, transfer survey data, check the camera of boat and perform other tasks quickly and efficiently. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to copy survey data from the boat to your shore laptop or office PC.

Overall, the long-range bridged LAN data link feature on the TRITON H1 USV ensures efficient data transfer and remote access, saving operators time and providing a seamless experience.

High quality Pod Motors

The TRITON H1 utilizes a high-powered, corrosion-proof motor pod for efficient and reliable propulsion. Unlike thrusters, the motor pod is steerable and less likely to become stuck in aquatic vegetation, making it the ideal choice for hydrographic surveying in a variety of environments.

In addition to its superior performance, the motor pod has a longer lifespan compared to other motors used in water-based USVs. With the TRITON H1, you can expect a durable and long-lasting propulsion system that can withstand the rigors of hydrographic surveying.

Processing Software

Our USV is equipped with state-of-the-art Hydromagic software, a professional hydrographic survey software package that is widely used in the marine industry. Hydromagic software is used for data acquisition, processing, and visualization, and can be used with various types of survey equipment. With our USV and Hydromagic software, we are able to perform accurate and efficient hydrographic surveys for a variety of applications.

In addition to its superior performance, the motor pod has a longer lifespan compared to other motors used in water-based USVs. With the TRITON H1, you can expect a durable and long-lasting propulsion system that can withstand the rigors of hydrographic surveying.

Our hydrographic survey software, Hydromagic, offers the following features:

  • Built-in editing and filtering of single-beam soundings for accurate and efficient data processing

  • Automatic tide correction using RTK, ensuring precise tide levels without the need for tide tables or gauges

  • Real-time calculation of current tide levels, saving valuable time and improving survey accuracy

  • Support for NADCON, HARN, and NTv2 correction grids, providing flexibility and compatibility with various survey equipment

  • A vast number of exporting options, allowing easy sharing and presentation of survey data

  • Dynamic corrections like draft and sound velocity, enabling accurate measurements and analysis of underwater environments

  • Built-in map downloader for sourcing street map data or satellite imagery, improving survey visualization and interpretation

  • Generation of graphical views of channel cross-sections for comprehensive and detailed survey analysis

  • Compatibility with a large number of map formats, making it easy to import and use map data from various sources.

  • With these advanced features and capabilities, Hydromagic is an essential tool for accurate and efficient hydrographic surveying.

In Nutshell...

The TRITON H1 is a small yet powerful unmanned surface vehicle (USV) designed specifically for hydrography projects. Equipped with high-end technology such as an echosounder, telemetry data system, and motor, the TRITON H1 has everything you need for accurate and efficient surveying.

This affordable USV is perfect for one-man operation, making it a great choice for professionals who require a reliable and easy-to-use hydrographic surveying tool. With the TRITON H1, you can expect exceptional performance, advanced technology, and a cost-effective solution for all your hydrographic surveying needs.

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