Reliable levels for the Most of Survey projects.

The HL32 automatic level is a top-notch tool that offers outstanding accuracy and durability. Its precise compensator makes it ideal for a wide range of surveying projects, including road and construction applications. The compensator ensures accurate measurements, reducing the need for frequent calibrations, and saving time in the process. Additionally, the HL32 is constructed with rugged materials, making it well-suited to handle even the harshest job site conditions. It is a reliable choice for professionals who require dependable equipment that delivers consistent performance.

Key features:

  • 32X optical magnification
  • 1mm accuracy in 1km distance
  • Accurate Compensator
  • Temperatures offset compensator
  • Constant clear view
  • Large and easy to use focusing knobs
  • Easy operation
  • dust-protected leveling screws
  • Cost effective and reliable Automatic Level

Reliable Automatic level

The HL32 level is designed to handle tough jobsite's with its reliable and accurate results, even in harsh weather conditions and heavy construction machinery vibrations. With its IP57 protection, you can continue measuring without worry of dust or water damage. The HL32 has a high luminosity for easy reading in each condition. The stable compensator also reduces the cost of ownership and minimizes the need for re-adjustments or checks. The HL32 offers the right level for various applications, including measuring distances, assigning datum lines, defining height differences, and reading heights.

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