High-performance IMU RTK GNSS

KRONOS T78 is a cutting-edge GNSS receiver for any surveying project. Featuring a new compact case, cutting-edge GNSS technology, industry-leading fast initialization, and uncompromising precision. KRONOS T78 is a GNSS designed to meet and surpass the needs of the modern surveyor.

Key features:

  • Full Constellation GNSS receiver
  • Support 1408 channel
  • New-generation high-performance mainboard
  • Internal radio with a range of up to 15 km
  • Multi-Protocol internal radio
  • High-precision IMU
  • On-board multipath mitigation
  • Bluetooth(TM) 5th Generation Connection
  • high performance in challenging environments
  • Support 4G network
  • Web User Interface software

New Technologies

The Kronos T78 is equipped with everything necessary to achieve high accuracy in your mapping project. Its new mainboard and technology assist in performing well in challenging environments. It is integrated with state-of-the-art onboard technology for multipath mitigation, low-elevation tracking, and a new algorithm to achieve high accuracy over long distances.

Long range radio

with the new internal radio of the T78, distance is no longer a concern. The radio, utilizing 410-470 MHz Horizon technology, allows for a working range of up to 15 km. It supports multiple protocols, making it compatible with various brands. The ability to manually edit channels and match them with other radios allows for complete customization of the internal radio on the Kronos T78.

Professional Software

The Map Pro software is a powerful and versatile GNSS and mapping software that can handle all your needs, such as using Google Maps or WMS Maps, exporting in various formats like SHP, DXF, GPX, or KML, using Cad to stake out points, collecting points through RTK, static, PPK, or N-RTK, or collecting or staking out points with precise IMU without the need for stand leveling on your point.

Powerful at tracking Satellite Signals

The Kronos T78 employs the advanced Horizon technology, which features 1408 channels, allowing it to track all positioning satellites such as GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo with high accuracy. The new design ensures greater precision even in challenging environments, enabling you to complete your surveying quickly and reliably without any concern

Hi-tech in mainboard

Support 1408 Channels
GPS: L1 C/A,L2C,L2P,L5
BEIDOU: B1,B2,B3,B1C,B2a,B2b

Extraordinary internal radio range

Because the KRONOS T78 has a high-tech, long-range internal radio with a range of up to 15 km, it eliminates the need for an external radio in many projects. The internal radio uses multi-protocol technology and can be matched with any radio between 410 and 470 MHz. This means you can easily enter your base frequency into your rover device without any limitations.

Long Range Internal Radio (410-470 MHZ)

multi protocol Like Trimtalk 450s | Trimtalk III | Horizon15 |Satel
range work up to 15km
Low noise technology
manually input frequency
Tx/RX mode


Techniques for Quick and Accurate Mapping: There is no need to level your pole, you can collect accurate data while walking. The Kronos T78 is equipped with a high-accuracy IMU, which enables collecting points without pole leveling up to 60 degrees. This allows for easy measurement of each point with high accuracy, without the need for calibration.

Precision IMU GNSS

Measure point with IMU technology up to 60 degrees.
Measure and stake out points without leveling the pole.
Fast and accurate measuring in a hard environment.
There is no need to calibrate like on the old model.

Powerful mapping Software

Map Pro Software is designed for professionals and beginner surveyors with a customizable interface, offering user-friendly, simple software with high capability. Map Pro supports Google Maps and WMS Maps, allows you to stakeout on your DXF map, and enables you to export your collected data in a variety of formats and extensions.

Professional Surveying Software

Support for static | RTK | PPK | N-RTK | UHF-RTK
IMU stores point up to 60 degrees
Global Coordinate Systems Library
Google Satellite and Vector Map | Open Street Map
Comprehensive import/export format map: SHP|DXF|KML|KMZ|GPX|TXT|CSV
Stakeouts include points, lines, surfaces, cad stakeouts, and road stakeouts.
The entire Tools menu: offset point, resection, intersection, or extension point
Site-Calibration wizard
NMEA output for connecting to an echosounder
voice and audible prompts
Multi Languages

Professional and Rugged Android Controller

The S60 pro is a new controller that is versatile for any working environment and can rust. S60 pro comes with an impervious battery for working all day and mapping. This controller has IP67 protection and is as tough as a rock. S60 Pro supports SIM cards for internet connectivity, the keyboard on S60 Pro makes it easier to type and enter codes, and it is protected by a hard cover.

Rugged and Resilient
Support Android 11.0.
5" sunlight-readable display
5-point capacitive touch screen
700 mAh batteries last 36 hours.
Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) generation
Fast chargers are supported.
IP67 standard
G sensor, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, compass
equipped with a rear and front camera for geotagging data.

Professional Surveying Software

Kronos T78, equipped with advanced hardware, is an excellent solution for surveyors in need of a comprehensive GNSS device. Its new main board can track all satellites with 1408 channels, and the addition of a new radio extends its working range to up to 15 kilometers. This means there is no longer a need for an external radio, making it suitable for covering a wide range of projects. The Map Pro software accompanying the T78 is user-friendly and offers a complete solution for your mapping needs, including an IMU option that eliminates the need to keep the device level at each point. This device is a valuable asset for any surveyor

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