Horizon BLINK 24

Horizon BLINK 24

Lighest Single camera Developed By HORIZON Group

BLINK 24 - a camera designed specifically for mapping solutions. With its 24MP sensor and lightweight design, weighing only 108g, it is the lightest mapping payload available for UAVs enabling longer flight times and increased coverage area with this sensor.

Featuring a high-performance cooling fan system, the BLINK 24 can operate seamlessly even in high-temperature weather conditions.

Key features:

  • Lightweight, only 108g (Body only)
  • 24mp camera with APS-C sensor
  • Supports all Sony E-mounts
  • Equipped with a cooling fan for high temperatures
  • Connect to BT module for settings
  • Lightweight Lens
  • 40/35/25 mm Lens
  • Image Stabilization Technology
  • Hot shoe for PPK
High quality Design only for mapping

Introducing the HORIZON BLINK 24 - the lightest camera available for mapping drones. With a 24mp APS-C sensor, this camera weighs just 108g, making it an ideal choice for accurate and efficient drone mapping. The BLINK 24 is compatible with Sony's E-mount, allowing you to pair it with any Sony camera lens for even more versatility.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, the BLINK 24 can be easily controlled from a distance without the need for cables or other physical connections. This feature makes it easy to adjust settings like ISO before takeoff, ensuring optimal results at reasonable altitudes.

The BLINK 24 is also designed to operate in hot environments, thanks to its built-in fan. No matter the conditions, you can trust this camera to capture and record all necessary data with exceptional clarity.

With the HORIZON BLINK 24 camera, you can achieve exceptional accuracy on all your mapping projects. When flown at a height of 250m, this camera is capable of delivering an impressive 1:500 accuracy level, ensuring that your data is both detailed and precise.

In summary, the HORIZON BLINK 24 is the perfect lightweight camera for mapping drones, offering unparalleled image quality, compatibility with Sony lenses, Bluetooth control, and reliable performance in all conditions.

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