The Swiss Army Knife of RTK receivers

With a new-generation measurement engine, built-in 4G full connectivity, and Bluetooth/WIFI, KRONOS T66 is a multi-functional GNSS receiver that boasts stability and reliability. It also features a new appearance design, a magnesium alloy structure, and a Linux operating system, and supports tilt survey.

Key features:

  • Full Constellation Tracking
  • Support 800+ channels
  • Multi-Protocol internal radio
  • Reliable and Accurate IMU
  • Large internal Battery with fast charging
  • User friendly and complete Software
  • High performance in challenging environment
  • Supports WebUI
  • Supports 4G network

New Technologies

KRONOS T66 is capable of tracking full constellation GNSS satellites, including GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, and others. It optimizes tracking to observe all visible GNSS satellite signals, allowing for real-time reliable data accuracy and measurement results that deliver exceptional performance.

Long range radio

KRONOS T66 Equipped with a new calibration-free IMU module that leverages 4th generation pole-tilt compensation technology, KRONOS T66 enables surveyors to measure or stake out points even if they tilt the pole while walking. This allows surveyors to focus more on their tasks, resulting in faster completion of work.

Professional Software

KRONOS T66 features a wide-band, low-power 410~470MHZ powerful internal radio that supports various data transmission protocols like Trimtalk and Trimtalk3 within a 5km range, providing reliable and efficient communication even in challenging environments, with high performance.

Smart and High-tech Main Board

T66 GNSS equipped to Horizon 8580 mainboard built upon the Linux+I.MX6UL Cortex-A7 intelligent system platform this main board include Advanced processor with Qualcomm 28nm technology offering greater functionality and lower power consumption Perfect receiver size for long extended operation time, heat dissipation and high specification support.

Maximizes Survey Flexibility

The T66 GNSS receiver is equipped with an integrated NTRIP client, as well as internal Rx/Tx UHF and external radio modes. This versatile combination of features allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to conducting surveys. Additionally, the T66 GNSS receiver has preset survey modes that are easy to select or switch directly on the device. This is particularly useful in cases where project conditions change, allowing you to quickly adapt to new requirements. You can also save your favorite RTK survey modes, which will automatically start when the receiver is turned on, saving you unnecessary set up time.


Techniques for Quick and Accurate Mapping: There is no need to level your pole, you can collect accurate data while walking. The Kronos T78 is equipped with a high-accuracy IMU, which enables collecting points without pole leveling up to 60 degrees. This allows for easy measurement of each point with high accuracy, without the need for calibration.

Precision IMU GNSS

  • Measure point with IMU technology up to 60 degrees.
  • Measure and stake out points without leveling the pole.
  • Fast and accurate measuring in a hard environment.
  • There is no need to calibrate like on the old model.

Powerful mapping Software

Map Pro Software is designed for professionals and beginner surveyors with a customizable interface, offering user-friendly, simple software with high capability. Map Pro supports Google Maps and WMS Maps, allows you to stakeout on your DXF map, and enables you to export your collected data in a variety of formats and extensions.

Professional Surveying Software

  • Support for static | RTK | PPK | N-RTK | UHF-RTK
  • IMU stores point up to 60 degrees
  • Global Coordinate Systems Library
  • Google Satellite and Vector Map | Open Street Map
  • Comprehensive import/export format map: SHP|DXF|KML|KMZ|GPX|TXT|CSV
  • Stakeouts include points, lines, surfaces, cad stakeouts, and road stakeouts.
  • The entire Tools menu: offset point, resection, intersection, or extension point
  • Site-Calibration wizard
  • NMEA output for connecting to an echosounder
  • voice and audible prompts
  • Multi Languages

Professional and Rugged Android Controller

The S60 pro is a new controller that is versatile for any working environment and can rust. S60 pro comes with an impervious battery for working all day and mapping. This controller has IP67 protection and is as tough as a rock. S60 Pro supports SIM cards for internet connectivity, the keyboard on S60 Pro makes it easier to type and enter codes, and it is protected by a hard cover.

Rugged and Resilient

  • Support Android 11.0.
  • 5" sunlight-readable display
  • 5point capacitive touch screen
  • 700 mAh batteries last 36 hours.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) generation
  • Fast chargers are supported.
  • IP67 standard
  • G sensor, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, compass
  • equipped with a rear and front camera for geotagging data.

Professional Surveying Software

Kronos T66, featuring the robust 8580 mainboard that ensures unparalleled reliability in challenging GNSS environments. This cutting-edge technology allows the T66 to swiftly achieve accurate fixes even in demanding conditions. The T66 employs a straightforward yet powerful software, encompassing all necessary options for diverse projects. Additionally, this receiver is equipped with an internal radio and SIM card, providing comprehensive connectivity. Included in the package is a durable 5.5-inch rugged controller designed for efficient data collection, particularly in harsh environments. The Kronos T66 is meticulously designed to prioritize simplicity without compromising on high accuracy. Whether you're navigating complex terrains or engaging in precision projects, the T66 is your go-to solution for streamlined and accurate GNSS operations.


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