Swiss Army Knife of RTK receivers

HORIZON KRONOS C3+, a new generation compact GNSS RTK receiver designed in Singapore. Lighter, smaller, faster and more intelligent than its predecessor, the KRONOS C3 weighs in at a mere 890g. It is equipped with contemporary features designed to let you carry out your work with higher efficiency and convenience. The KRONOS C3 features the BD930 main board at its core, which allows for high speed, high precision computation and processing of data. Essentially, the KRONOS C3+ is next-generation ready, packed with many new useful features in a compact shell, and prepared to play big in any environment.

Key features:

  • Full Constellation GNSS receiver
  • Support 220 channel
  • Multi-Protocol internal radio
  • Use Tilt Technology
  • Android and Windows mobile Software
  • High performance in challenging environment
  • Support WebUI
  • Support 4G network
  • Light weight for long time working
  • Easy swappable payloads for changing the mission.

Full Constellation

KRONOS C3+ with Trimble technology can track all satellites and signals by supporting 220 channels. Its high-performance mainboard and technology make it ideal for challenging environments. The Kronos C3+ supports all collecting point solutions, such as RTK, N-RTK, Static, and PPK, in reliable conditions.

Light weight

Light in a weight big in performance, The KRONOS C3+ is a small and fast receiver that weighs only 890g, even with double battery. With this receiver, you can work all day on topography or any other projects. The KRONOS C3+ can be mounted on a USV or echosounder for marine solutions.


KRONOS C3+ supports two operating systems for operation, Android and Windows Mobile. The software supports many survey solutions and includes support for Google Maps as a base map, with a variety of export and import solutions, or the option to customize your exported data in a TXT file.

Hi-tech in mainboard

The Trimble mainboard supports both triple frequency from the GPS and GLONASS constellations plus dual frequency from BeiDou and Galileo. This delivers the quickest and most reliable RTK initializations for 1–2-centimeter positioning. Kronos C3+ contains an advanced Kalman filter PVT engine that delivers high accuracy GNSS, DGNSS positions in the most challenging environments such as urban canyons.

he receiver also supports Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) and Receiver. Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) for safety-critical applications.

All Solution Collect Point

KRONOS C3+ Support All surveying collect point in high quality and high speed in RTK mode, you can collect each point depend your project and your need.

You can put your SIM card in GNSS receiver or Controller for get the correction message from Cors station for N-RTK or using internal radio modem for working in environment without internet or Cors station.

Boost survey with IMU

The Kronos C3+ Support tilt sensor for collection Inaccessible points, or each point you can't stand on it directly. This sensor can measure each point up to 30 degree with high Accuracy.

Landstar and K-Com Software

KRONOS C3+ depend your controller can work with two software K-Com software and Landstar software, Landstar software can lunch on Android device and K-come lunch on Windows mobile device, it depends to you prefer have which one.

K-com is a very user friendly and simple software with all need for surveying and Landstar is complete solution for use each map and have more option in some menu.

In a Nut Shell...

The KRONOS C3+ with Trimble technology is an advanced RTK receiver designed for surveying applications. Equipped with a hi-tech mainboard, internal radio for RTK by base and rover, and a tilt sensor for collecting every point, the C3+ offers high accuracy and real-time positioning with centimeter-level precision. In addition, the powerful Android software included with the receiver allows for streamlined data management and project workflow.

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