Built small, plays HUGE.

Photon 300 is one of the most unique mobile mappers in the market. It is a multi-platform device that can be mounted on a drone and vehicle. The system is user-friendly and does not require specific expertise to install and operate. Photon 300 is equipped with a high-performance LiDAR sensor, IMU, GNSS, and a camera to achieve the highest accuracy and density.

Key features:

  • Scanning radius of up to 300m
  • Record 1,920,000 points per second
  • Support Triple Echoe
  • pitch and roll accuracy of 0.005°
  • Heading accuracy of 0.017°
  • Multi-platform, can be mounted on both drones and vehicle
  • Integrated with 26mp camera
  • Multi-frequency GNSS for high accuracy
  • Integrated with POS and post-processing software
  • Application: Forestry, Power line, Mine, Urban…
  • Light weight 1.15kg.

Long range laser

PHOTON300 is equipped with long-range and accurate measurement capabilities up to 300m . It uses a 32-channel system with 200Hz POS unit, can measure up to 1,920,000 points per second with a triple laser echo. Additionally, it is equipped with a 26MP camera with a mechanical shutter for improved modelling results.



To achieve the best accuracy in PHOTON300, we have integrated an accurate IMU with a multi-frequency GNSS receiver. The pitch and roll accuracy is 0.005° and the heading accuracy is 0.017°. The PHOTON300 is also equipped with the High accuracy GNSS antenna, and High performance IMU with 200Khz Update frequency.


Extraordinary Software

The Processing software by Horizon uses a one-key processing technology. It is easy to use and supports strip adjustment, a wide selection of LiDAR, autonomous coordinate conversion, and it has a fast calculation processing speed. In this software, you can optimize point clouds without photos or use photos to obtain a colorful point cloud



new generation of airborne LiDAR

The Photon 300 system highly integrates various sensors, such as LiDAR, multi-frequency GNSS, high-precision IMU, and professional aerial survey cameras.

Integrating all of this hardware with new intelligent algorithms will produce a high-accuracy, colorful point cloud for your project. This LiDAR can measure up to 300m with triple echoes and can collect 1,920,000 points per second.

lightweight design helps you scan and cover more area with each flight. Photon 300 is a high-performance 3D LiDAR system

FLY and DRIVE system

The Photon LiDAR system stands out for its versatile sensing and mounting options. The Photon 300 is specifically engineered for UAVs and is fully compatible with DJI drones. It can also be easily mounted on other multirotor and fixed-wing drones. Furthermore, it offers adaptability for vehicle mounting with a mobile mounting kit, making it ideal for urban and road project scanning.

Mounting On Vehicle

The Photon 300, with its vehicle mounting option, so easy to use. You can adjust the angle and attach it to a wide range of vehicles. Additionally, it can be mounted on Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) as well


Mounting On Drone

The Photon 300 is fully compatible with DJI drones, as well as other multirotor and fixed-wing drones. If you have a specialized drone, we can design a custom mounting kit to accommodate your specific needs



One Key Processing Technology

This is a powerful software for point color preprocessing that enables you to creat LAS files. This software autonates the detection of your data and offers seamless processing of trajectory information using IMU, GNSS, and other relevent data source.with its userfriendly interface, Lidar Master makes it easy to optimize your point cloud data.it allows you to generate avisually appealing and accurate 3D models by incorporating color information and integrating all available data sources.

  • Easy to operate
  • Strip Adjust
  • Diverse calculation
  • Autonomous coordinate
  • Fast calculation speed
  • Compatible with most of the LiDAR data
  • Application: Forestry, Powerline, Mine, Urban ....


Forestry, Power Line, Mine, Urban ...

In a Nutshell...

PHOTON 300 can help you scan all thing with high density point cloud and extraordinary accuracy in long range laser up to 300m. this LIDAR sensor equipped with 26mp camera for use on Drone and can have point cloud and 3d model in same time.

With a mount kit you can mount it easily on Matric 300 and many drones for scanning jobs in forestry, urban, mining, and similar projects or use it for smart city planning and developments.

Photon 300 is a hcost effective with high accuracy in market including Preprocessing software.

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