All in one Package, Smart and Accurate

KRONOS H1 receiver is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of applications. With its 3D choke ring antenna and advanced satellite tracking, it can function as a reliable reference station for real-time networks, regardless of the environment. The H1 is also built to withstand harsh conditions with its tough IP67 housing. Whether you need a campaign receiver for post-processing, a CORS receiver for continuous operation, or a portable base station for RTK applications, the KRONOS H1 can meet your requirements. And if you need a scientific reference station, the H1 can serve that purpose as well.

Key features:

  • stable phase center offsets
  • 2D, 3D Chock Ring Antenna
  • multifunctional, multi-constellation GNSS
  • Support 1408 channels
  • Optimal Anti-Jamming technology.
  • High-gain design for low elevation tracking
  • Strong Anti-Interference Performance
  • Fully waterproof and dustproof design
  • Supports 4G and Radio for CORS Station
  • Support Remote Configuration
  • Integrated professional OEM board


The unique choke ring design of KRONOS H1 ensures an excellent multipath reduction performance across all GNSS frequency bands including L-Band. It is ideal for applications of CORS stations, bridge and building deformation monitoring or geological monitoring due to its sub-millimeter phase center stability.

All in ONE package

KORONOS H1 is a complete Solution developed by HORIZON group, H1 integrated with a high performance Multi Constellation GNSS receiver by supporting 1408 channels in a rugged and waterproof design with high accuracy and reliable data.

H1 Supports all solution for transferring data like 4G, Wifi and Radio.nt.

Management Software

H1 CORS system Software is powerful in Processing and transfer correction data to Customers for RTK purpose and support Raw data for Processing Rinex file by uploading on Servers for get to high accuracy, software have a back up system and Provide interrupted services when the main server goes down.

The HORIZON KRONOS H1 is an all-in-one CORS station designed for high performance. The KRONOS H1 integrates an accurate and reliable receiver with an antenna to simplify installation and reduce accessory requirements compared to previous models. The H1 antenna features a stable phase center, enabling users to achieve the highest accuracy. The KRONOS H1 supports 1408 channels for tracking all satellite frequencies and is a multi-constellation GNSS receiver. The H1 also supports multiple ports, including 4G, WIFI, and WAN, allowing users to send corrections to their customers. With 4G connectivity, remote configuration of each station is possible from a base center management, and the software offers many options for Survey porpuse.


Experience Unparalleled Stability with KORONOS H1 Unique 3D Choke Ring Design, Achieve sub-millimeter phase center stability and excellent multipath reduction performance across all GNSS frequency bands, including L-Band, with SA1800. Our innovative 3D choke ring design makes KORONOS H1 an ideal choice for CORS stations, bridge and building deformation monitoring, and geological monitoring. Trust KORONOS H1 to deliver precise data even in the most demanding environments.


Achieve Unbeatable Signal Stability with KORONOS H1 Anti-Interference Performance

KORONOS H1 antenna LNA offers exceptional out-of-band rejection performance, effectively suppressing EMI and ensuring the stability and reliability of GNSS signals. This strong anti-interference capability also prevents disconnections caused by interference from wireless communication systems such as power grids, communication base stations, or radio modems. HORIZON H1 can deliver unbeatable signal stability, even in the most challenging environments.


Experience Ultimate Durability with HORIZON H1's Rugged Design

The HORIZON H1 GNSS receiver is designed to withstand harsh environments, featuring an IP67 rating that ensures waterproof and dustproof capabilities, along with anti-vibration and anti-lightning protection. The GFRP cover provides structural strength and reliability, while the IP67 ruggedized cover shields the inside antenna from dust and water. With HORIZON H1's rugged design, you can be sure of reliable and accurate data collection in even the toughest conditions.


The KRONOS H1 is equipped with a high-performance GNSS receiver that supports 1408 channels across all frequencies and satellites. It also features a high-speed processor and Linux system, providing faster computing speeds and greater stability. The H1 supports 4G, WIFI, and WAN ports, allowing users to transmit correction data(Rinex,TRCM X) via radio or network with a UHF antenna. The H1 is an ideal solution for CORS stations or monitoring large buildings with the highest accuracy and reliability.


HORIZON's CORS station software is a powerful and advanced solution designed for high-precision positioning applications. Our software is based on NRS theory and contains all the features of VRS technology, with added advantages of FKP and MAX. We've also developed Deep-NRS, a new and improved technology that increases the usability of the CORS network and provides automatic work mode selection for rovers.

Deep-NRS uses all triangles that meet certain conditions to construct, rather than just the nearest three base stations, providing redundant triangles to ensure stability and usability. Our software also automatically sorts and selects the best triangle based on baseline distance, common locked satellites, and data quality of each base station. Additionally, our encrypted parameters broadcasting ensures the safety and reliability of confidential information.

There are no restrictions on the number of base stations or mobile stations in our software, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and fields. Our distributed structure divides the software into a base station management system, data processing center, and user management system, ensuring stability and efficiency even with many stations. Our unique 'FIX-PRO' mode receives corrections from HORIZON receivers and broadcasts them to users, eliminating short radio work range problems.

Choose HORIZON's CORS station software for unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and security in high-precision positioning applications.


KRONOS H1 is a compact, all-in-one CORS station that includes a high-quality antenna and receiver with integrated software, making installation quick, easy, and safe.

Its remote configuration capabilities ensure the health of your network, while the software offers a range of options to help your customers achieve the best accuracy for their network or monitoring project. Whether you need to monitor a bridge, high building, dam wall, or any other structure, KRONOS H1 can be mounted anywhere.

With its online solution, KRONOS H1 offers various options, including sending correction messages for RTK solutions or processing data after uploading it to the software for high-precision points. When it comes to CORS or monitoring stations, KRONOS H1 should be your first choice.

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